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We are a collaborative, privately-operated consulting firm for Online Business, Artistic Direction, Website Building, and Functional Expertise. Our goal is to set you with the best possible web presence. 

Daniel Gonzales

With years of hosting support under my belt, I’ve personally seen all of the routes many popular Webhosting Providers take, and hope to take only the best practices from them and offer them to you direct at reasonable rates, cutting out the Corporate bureaucracy and layers of support agents. Besides being a Sales Sultan I’ve also held roles of entry level Linux Server administration and am familiar with many popular server standards that I can make sure you’re qualified to your business’s technical needs. Reduced rates and technical expertise for the peace of mind to know your business is valued.

While I have worked for many Hosting Providers, I’m currently a Go Daddy employee and need to advise that while in business
none of our contracts, billing, or services are in any way tied to Go Daddy Operating Company LLC Industries.
All business matters pertaining to continuance and termination of contracts, billing, and services
are solely at the discretion of your friendly feathered friends at 2Fowls.com

Tessa Kleiner

Twenty years spent honing visual communications skills with various mediums: from drawings to paintings, storyboards to comics. Ten years of completing commissioned work to deliver proof of concept, content development, through to final brandingThough I’ve worked plenty in public roles like vending and panel hosting at conventions, I trust my visuals to speak for me.

@Tessamackyo | tessamack.com

I must disclose that, while I am currently employed with Endurance International Group LLC, any services rendered by 2Fowls.com and affiliates are wholly unsigned by any hosting companies under Endurance International Group LLC– meaning they are not liable for any of our contracts, billing, or services– these are solely at the discretion of your friendly feathered friends at 2Fowls.com
All matters pertaining to continuance and termination of contracts, billing, or services are at the sole discretion of 2Fowls.com

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Fill out our simple forms and we build your site– One round of revisions and then we launch your site and your business has begun! We sell additional support sessions as needed.

We construct the pages with rich text meant for SEO– so we play by the rules that search engines like Google prefer, plus we set up some basic backlinks to help get you an online footing.

We handle image editing and can even create new assets for your site for additional costs– ask about the included design perks, and the additional customization pack!